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Want to know more about fast and effective goal achievement through one-to-one Personal Training at David Lloyd?

Transform yourself with
Personal Training

It's so much easier with our Personal Trainers. Imagine having your own expert to motivate you, monitor your progress and ensure you're focusing on the right exercises. A Personal Trainer won't just help your fitness, they will help you reach your goals so much faster and have fun while you're at it.

Whether you want to tone up or build muscle, sculpt your physique or get your figure back after a baby there is no better way to achieve this than with the help of our Personal Trainers. All our Personal Trainers are highly qualified professionals. Not only are they all on the Register of Exercise Professionals at level 3, but, uniquely, they undergo rigorous in-house training at our David Lloyd Campus, giving you confidence that your Personal Trainer is amongst the very best the industry has to offer.

They devise healthy nutrition plans to meet your needs, and customised workout routines the help you burn up to 50% more calories each session.

If you're serious about working out, our Personal Trainers can help you push to the next level of fitness.

To get your Personal Training journey started, follow these simple steps:1   Choose the package that suits you2   Review our Personal Training profile board to find the right
        Personal Trainer for you
3   Book a free Personal Training test drive4   Begin your Personal Training journey to help you achieve your
        fitness goals

Why do I need a Personal Trainer?

A Personal Trainer can transform your workout. It sounds simple but the motivation, advice and encouragement they provide can give you an amazing boost. Whether you're looking for weight loss, toning or fitness, our trainers will make sure every second of your workout is working for you.

Your whole life will benefit too not just your workout. Your Personal Trainer will give you specialist advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes, helping you achieve your goals even faster.

What makes our Personal Trainers so effective?

All our Personal Trainers are qualified to REPs level 3 (Register of Exercise Professionals). This means they follow all the latest thinking and use specialist knowledge based on scientific research.

Of course we're not talking about angry drill sergeants - our Personal Trainers are friendly, supportive experts. They will work with you to find the best way for you to workout and make sure you still enjoy it.

What can I achieve?

Anything you want that's the simple answer. Just ask any of our members who have used our Personal Trainers for weight loss, improved fitness and even greater confidence. Our Personal Trainers will spend time getting to know you and devise a programme that works best for your individual needs.

Our Personal Training packages

It's not just your fitness that will be transformed - we've designed an exciting range of packages to fit in with the type of workout you enjoy. Which will you choose?

  • Shape It Build muscle and tone up
  • Lose It Help with weight loss. Boost your fitness and reduce body fat.
  • Fight It Use boxing training to improve your coordination and self-defence
  • Fix It Rehabilitation for injuries or recurring problems.
  • Start it Confidence and fitness for young people (14-17 years)
  • Buy blocks of three or ten sessions or set up Personal Training by direct debit and make sure you stay on track.

    Group PT*

    Introducing new Group Personal Training - a great opportunity to benefit from expert Personal Training in small groups of four.

    Discover your personal best with the help of group motivation and get ready to achieve real results - sessions include: a dynamic warm up, the latest resistance techniques, fat burning session, core workout and cool down.

    We offer weekly timetabled sessions at incredible value so choose one to suit you.

    To find out more, speak to a Health and Fitness Team member or ask at reception.

    *At selected clubs only