Power Plate

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Want to know more about accelerating your fitness, in the minimum time, while using Power PlateŽ at David Lloyd?

Feel the power with Power PlateŽ

There's nothing quite like it and you'll love it!
Power PlateŽ gives you a 60 minute whole body gym workout in just 15 minutes.

Supercharge your gym time

Power PlateŽ is a gym machine that's unique. It works by transferring vibrations to selected muscles around your body, making them contract and helping them to stretch, tone and strengthen. The vibrations make the effect of your exercise much greater, so you can have a full workout in a fraction of the time. It's the low-impact way to maximise your fitness in the gym, fast.

Look what Power PlateŽ can do for you:

  • Boost performance and stamina
  • Promote muscle strength and tone
  • Build bone density and help prevent osteoporosis
  • Improve flexibility and circulation
  • Enhance relaxation and overall wellbeing
  • Speed weight loss and fight cellulite

The great news is that you'll find a Power PlateŽ machine at most David Lloyd Leisure gyms.

Snow sport specific Power Plate programme

Skiing and Snowboarding are great fun but also intense exercise! To get the most out of your snow sports holiday make sure you are in great shape and get snow sports ready with a Power PlateŽ course. Power PlateŽ improves endurance and tone in the legs whilst boosting core strength and balance.

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