State-of-the-art gyms

However you want to exercise, whatever your goals and whatever your fitness level, you’ll love our gyms. Our friendly, highly qualified trainers are always on hand to help you get the most from your workout.

Make it personal

Just imagine…having your own Personal Trainer to inspire you, keep you motivated and high five your progress. Ours are simply brilliant at what they do. You’ll be amazed just how quickly you can reach your goals - and have fun while you’re at it!

Our Personal Trainers

Our Personal Trainers

Ours are in a league of their own. All qualified to REPs 3, a highly recognised industry standard of excellence, they also undergo a unique programme of rigorous in-house training at our David Lloyd Campus. Yes, they’ll challenge you – but they’ll also help you reach your goals fast!

one to one


Want to tone up? Build muscle? Sculpt your physique? Lose weight? Get your figure back after a baby? Recover from injury? There are any number of reasons to give yourself the benefit of Personal Training. You’re in a class of one – which is what elevates PT into a class of its own.

Life Changing


It’s not too much to say that your whole life can benefit from personal training. It’s not just about exercise, your Personal Trainer will give you specialist advice on diet and lifestyle as well as help you burn off up to 50% more calories each session.

highly focused

Highly focused

When you work with a Personal Trainer, they are purely focused on you and your specific goals. This makes you focus better too. And because they’re up to speed on the latest scientific fitness research, they can incorporate it into the best possible workout for you.

Be Inspired

Adele, a dance enthusiast from Southampton, wanted to lose weight, but her 15 year old gym routine just wasn’t working. Her mother bought her ten Personal Training sessions for Christmas, and with the help of her Personal Trainer Ben, Adele managed to achieve astonishing results, and lost over two stone in a year. Watch her video and see how Personal Training can help you.

Try Personal Training

Take a free 30-minute Personal Training test drive to see what it’s all about. If you like it, you can buy three or ten sessions or buy monthly via direct debit.

It’s all about you

Your goals, your trainer. Yours will dedicate time to getting to know you and developing an individual programme for you. From weight loss and toning to increased energy and improved fitness, the overall outcome is bags more confidence.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training*

You can save and benefit from expert Personal Training in smaller groups of 4-6.

These sessions offer shared motivation, camaraderie and achieve spectacular results.

  • Achieve goals: faster with added expertise and motivation 
  • Cost effective: share the cost of training with others 
  • So social: have fun and work towards shared goals 

*Available at selected clubs

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