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Take your pick from over 10,000 classes a week. Go high energy to burn calories, or try something holistic to reduce life’s stresses. Take a strength and conditioning class to tone your body or dance your way to fitness.

Perfect harmony

Holistic exercise is a world away from weights, treadmills and high energy workouts. At David Lloyd Leisure, you can get fit, find peace of mind and achieve your own personal goals in totally calming and relaxed surroundings.

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Yoga stimulates, relaxes and revitalises the mind and body. We offer many different yoga classes with Astanga, Vinyasa and Lyengar yoga for those looking for a more dynamic workout or gentler Hatha and Anusara yoga with more stretches and meditation.



Pilates classes work on the principle of stretching the muscles into shape rather than forcing them. Perfect for improving posture and flexibility as well as aiding concentration and rehabilitation, Pilates provides a highly effective and reflective workout.

body balance


Bodybalance™ is a dynamic stretching programme that leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed. Bodybalance™ classes combine the principles of yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi such as controlled breathing, concentration, flexibility and strength-training to leave you feeling centred and calm.

tai chi

Tai Chi

This ancient Chinese system of exercise strengthens the body, relaxes the mind and lifts the spirit. Tai Chi classes are a meditation in movement, developing your strength, stamina and suppleness, releasing tension and generally enhancing the wellbeing of your whole body.

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